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drum lessons, drumming, drumline
NEW! Drumline Lessons

Start your weekend off with a bang!  Join us for Drumline Team and have a great time learning all about percussion! 

drum lessons, drum students, drumming, drumlineGrades 2nd - 6th
Fridays 5:15 - 6:15
Fairview location

Piano Lessons 
piano students in a piano lesson with thier piano teacherPiano lessons are offered for students of all ages and levels.  Classes of up to 5 students are grouped according to age, ability and learning style on full-sized, top-of-the-line Roland™ and Yamaha‎™ digital pianos.  Piano students participating in group lessons not only learn how to play individually, but benefit from the ensemble, rhythm, ear training and sight reading skills playing with others encourages.  Additionally, students progress rapidly and are motivated by peer dynamics and enthusiasm.  Classes meet weekly for one hour. 
Music For Little Mozarts Piano Lessons
pre-school music classes
Music for Little Mozarts is a piano, music and movement curriculum specifically designed for preschoolers.  The course centers on the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they learn about music.  Music for Little Mozarts provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing an instrument and the enjoyment of making music.  This beginning program has 4, 5, and 6 year olds reading notes in the first semester!

pre-school piano students in their piano lesson
pre-school piano students at their piano performance    

Adult Piano Lessons
adult piano students at their piano lessonIt's never too late! Whether you want to learn a new hobby or are returning to piano, Music Center Studios is for you!  Explore and learn at your own pace and play for pleasure!  Beginners through Advanced.  Day and evening times available.  Call for details. 

Guitar Lessons
guitar students, guitar lessonsOur guitar lessons teach the technique to play and the chords to jam. Students 7 years and older will work on individual skills while developing the ear and the nuances to play with other musicians.
Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Classical and Jazz.  
Adult guitar available also.

Voice Lessons
Learn how to use your voice to sing, communicate ideas, strengthen tone, control breathing and sing in harmony. Learn to sing with skill and strength in these fun classes while building confidence and poise!
voice students, voice lessons
Voices in Motion is our junior performance troupe for elementary age kids who love to sing!  This weekly class will center around learning vocal music, basic movement and choreography, and using team work to put it all together. 

Fairview Location: 
Voices in Motion, K - 2nd grade: Thursdays 4:15 - 5:15
Voices in Motion, 3rd - 5th grade: Thursdays 5:15 -6:15

Teen Team Voice, 6th grade and higher: Thursdays 7:15 -8:15

Violin Lessons

Learn to play this beautiful instrument with our terrific teacher who will encourage you to build your musical foundation through proper technique, note reading and theory. Don't worry if that sounds a little serious - she's a pro a making music learning fun too!  

Middle School/Jr High beginners: Tuesdays 4:15 - 5:15/Fairview
4th - 5th grade beginners: Tuesdays 5:15 - 6:15/Fairview
All other ages/levels taught on Tuesdays and Fridays