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Music Masters is a skill building program exclusive to MCS for students who enjoy a challenge and want to further their skills. The achievement program consists of 10 levels with challenges and assignments that must be completed to make it to the next level. Upon completing a level students will earn a reward and recognition at our EXPO concert.
New students will begin at Level 1.  Existing and transfer student’s teachers will determine which level the student will be placed in. Challenge categories must be completed by May 31 each year to graduate to the next level and be recognized at EXPO.  Challenges that are not completed by May 31 will carry over into the next year.
Students and parents must sign a participation agreement and keep track of their challenges on their Challenge Tracker sheets.
Students must complete 9 of the 11 challenges to graduate to the next level, along with learning 9 extra songs outside of class assignments throughout the year.
Challenges: pick 9 
            Compose a song
            Attend a concert
            Participate in NFMC Festival
            Perform in a community event
            Complete a composer report
            Complete a listening assignment report
            Teach a song to their class
            Memorize a song
            Complete note reading flashcards assigned by teacher
            Learn scales assigned by teacher
            Complete corresponding level theory test
            Complete a creative assignment  
Mandatory: learn 9 extra songs outside of class assignments
Music Masters gives students a solid way to recognize their progress and achievements in a fun, trackable format, and the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for furthering their skills. 

I _______________________________________________ am enrolling in the MCS Music Masters Program and will work to complete the assigned songs and challenges required to pass each level.  I will keep track of my progress on my Challenge Tracker sheet.
Student’s signature: __________________________________________  date: ______________
Parent’s signature: ___________________________________________  date: ______________

Teacher’s Signature: ___________________________________________ date completed: ____________